Friday, 25 February 2011

The finishing touch!

I found the perfect cardboard box to hold the bottle and finish it off in style! I had lots of fun with paper mache! I used music sheet paper first, then finished with old dress making-pattern tissue paper!! It looks so effective! Gives it that vintagey feel! I love the tissue paper over the top as it has black stitching marks and arrows all over it! Just perfect for the finishing touch!!
Love Tania xXx

Message in a bottle

Next I found a bottle! Filled it with pink beads!
Stuck gems round the bottle! Tied ribbon around the neck and added the heart tag! So girly and so fun!
I printed the beautiful message onto an old blank book page which really gave it that oldy woldy feel! 
Was so so pleased with how it turned out! 
Love Tania xXx

Message in a bottle

So I made the card! The next job was the pressi! A message in a bottle....
This is what I started off with! A felt bag to hold the bottle! Purple is the best colour in the world! So luxurious!

Love Tania xXx

A sparkly birthday!

I love making cards! So I was so pleased to be asked by a dear friend to make a special one! 
I love to finish pieces off with sparkly gems! I think I am a bit obsessed with them but its what makes it!

Love Tania xXx

Friday, 4 February 2011

A little bit of LOVE

Well it is Valentines soon!
I will be putting this new badge / hairpin on my Etsy shop tomorrow! 
I hope everyone likes it! 
xXx * Spread the Love * xXx
Lots of Love Tania xXx

A first for everything!

I made this handheld mirror out of felt and beads! Was so fun!! I think I am getting a little bit obsessed with felt and the blanket stitch he he! As it's for my aunties birthday I decided to sew her birth date into the back too!! 
Can't wait until she opens it! Hope she likes it!
Love Tania xXx

And with a little bit of magic...

Oh and an oven! Hey presto my bowl is born! 
Shame the Oliver record had to die he he!
Its not perfect but not bad for a first attempt!

Love Tania xXx