Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yo yo-ing around!

I have landed back in Manchester finally after traveling up and down the country for the last 10 days! 
Firstly we hit Cornwall which involved BBQs, Cluedo, bike riding, swimming and body boarding in the sea! 
(Yes it was freezing!!!but fun lol)
Then we went across to Kent to see the family and have fun times in Legoland again! 
Back up to Skipton for a few days! 
Lastly down to Cardiff for the weekend! 
Fun times were had! 
Its very sad to be back now though :-( 
Missing my lovely boyfriend very much! 
Start new job at Millies Cookies tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

Chunky Knits!

Mmmmmmmm the time has come! 
Big fat chunky knits!!
Loving this one from Republic!!!
Wear with a pair of big furry knitted slippers for the perfect evening on the sofa!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Flapper girls!

See I told you I was inspired by the 1920s! 
Loving it all! 
From dresses to headpieces!
Can't wait to go out and find a 1920's inspired hat!
I think reds the colour!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Well done John Lewis

I am really obsessed with the new 
John Lewis 
'Never Knowingly Unsold' TV advert!
The girl in it, 
Miss Alice Isaaz, 
looks so so pretty!
I love the wavy curls and the hats are soooo adorable!!
Its always the way, that when I start to grow my hair I get swayed to cut it off again! But this look is cute and fun!
 The advert is based half in 1925 and half present day 
which is so clever!
I love the old fashioned scenes!
With the old fashioned cars and street lights and the girls swaying dresses! 
Love love love!
Hmmmmm gets me all inspired for 1920s te he!
Tea time I think!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bows Bows Bows

Due to lack of funds due to holidays etc I can not shop for a bit 
 but I can window shop! 
So that I am doing! 
He he 
I love shopping!!
Fashion is everywhere and forever growing! 
as I can not purchase everything I like,
 I have decided to combine my 
'stop and stare' project 
which at the moment is non-existent 
(so many things going on in life!) 
with window shopping! 
The items that I find I will post about and add my little touch by framing the item in an arty way!
This Duffle coat is lovely! 
The little bow detailing is very cute! 
Hood is def needed for Manchester weather too!! 
Bargain from George at Asda! 
Go check it out!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Maryyyyy Poppins!!!!!

Ooooo more window shopping today and I came across this bag he he!! I loveeee the colour!! So shiney too!! Very cutesy! There are lots of lovely bits in 'Republic' now! Loving all the Autumn/Winter items arriving!
Wow I get so carried away browsing the net I forget about the time! I am very sleepy now! We have an early morning tomorrow too! Holiday journey! Can't wait to get away for a few days!
Night night

Saturday, 8 September 2012


So for christmas you write a list to Santa...
for birthdays who do you write a list too!?!  
I know I know 
my birthdays not until November. 
these boots were made for me!!!! 
I love love love them!!!! 
So please if anyones listening...
(Lovely boyfriend or mother or father!) 
Please please please can I have these! 
(In a size 6!) 
I have been a good girl all year! 
and and and I did just get a new job....
I love
Much Love 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Autumn smiles

30 days have September. Time for a new snood for autumn! I love the colours of autumn! So warm and snuggley! Heres a treasury of some autumn inspired makes on Etsy!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Party time!

Good morning! I have literally woken up in the clouds today! Pulling up my huge blind on my window whilst still lying in bed, I sat up to a big morning stretch and rubbed my sleepy eyes to see, well, not a lot! The sky was white! It looked like the world was still asleep and hiding away today! Lazy bed day would be lovely! This has made me feel all wintery though! Whilst browsing the internet this morning I started to look at party dresses! Looking ahead for the festive season! Te he! 
Here I have made a little collage of my favs that I found this morning! My favourite dress has to be the bottom left skater dress from, the little bow is so cute! It would be clever if the bow was detachable! Could even put it in your hair if you wished then!
Hope you all have a lovely day! It looks like the sun is finally burning through the clouds yay!
P.s The dresses featured are a mix from and

Monday, 3 September 2012

Celebrate the yays!

Lots of things to celebrate! 
Lots of new jobs for me and my friends! 
New home for me and my cousin! 
And a lil holiday coming up with my lovely boyfriend! 
Lots of Yays!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Totes Amaze!!

This is another blog about The bags are just soooo nice! Big, chunky and adorable! I could not chose just the one to love more but thennnnnn whilst browsing the bags these beautiful illustrations showed up, modeling the bags too!! They are designed by Katie Rodgers of Paperfashion who I am a big fan of anyways, I love the cheeks on the girls! The watercolours are just so lovely and beautiful! What a lovely surprise!
Mmmmm loving this vodka he he xXx


Today I have found tartan trousers on
I want I want I want!
How cute would these look with an oversized baggy woolly jumper!
Perfect for drinks with the girls on an sunny evening like tonight! 
Cheeky cocktails and my unusual bar snack, 
garlic mushrooms te he!
Mmmmm too early for a vodka....