Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Look what I've done daddy!


The sun is shining again! 
It makes you want to sing with the birds! 
I started on my balcony today! 
It is looking quite dull and I want to brighten it up! 
There is a little table and chairs but thats it!
 My vision is to have a beautiful, colourful, balcony filled with flowers and herbs and vegetables and butterflies...
Well lets not get too carried away!
But this is a start at least! 
I do love my veg!
Lets hope I have beginners luck!
Love Tania

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I did it! Two more items!

Wow! I did it!! 
I put my lovely little hot air balloon door hanger in my Etsy shop! 
And I added my bestest, cutest item yet!! 
My little paper boat hair clip!!
How cute is that!! 
Was a gorgeous sunny day today!!
Was sooooo in the mood for an ice cream!
Maybe tomorrow!
I even managed to make a few mothers day cards! 
I will post them tomorrow once I have finished them off with gems and embellishments! He he! Its kinda ma thing!
Nighty night! 
Love Tania xXx

Sun, ideas and felt!


I sat amongst my papers, glues and embellishments making cards and watching films yesterday! Was lovely!
I watched the film 'Julie and Julia' which has inspired me to blog more! (and eat more he he!) I would suggest the film to any blogger! Its a great little film!
You are probably wondering what the picture is! Well its one of my little felt makes in front of the sunset from last night. I need to take some good photos of it today before putting it in my Etsy shop! Hopefully I will get that done today!!!!
I also made a cute cute hair clip yesterday which I am really excited to add to my shop! So I will really try to get that done today!
I have some Mother's Day cards to make today so I best get cracking on with that.
I will be a busy bee today!
Hope your day is as sunny as mine!

Love Tania xXx


Monday, 7 March 2011

Mmmmmmmmm hot coco!!

Mmmm with a nice cup of coco and spending the whole morning in my jammies I have added 2 more items to my shop!!

This week its all about felt! 
I am getting slightly obsessed with sewing! I love it! 
Say hello to is my little bumble bee!
I named him Bertie!

My next brooch has got to be my favorite!
My little raindrop cloud!
Well I am going to try and keep plodding along adding more bits to my shop and maybe trying to make some more arty bits today! 

Hope you have a good day too!

Love Tania xXx

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Loving stamps!

1st March!! 
Loving the Spring sunshine outside!!
I am also loving stamps this month!!
Say hello to my new items now listed in my shop!

Stamping with love picture and
Set of 4 vintage collaged postcards!!