Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Make small spaces big

So Goodbye Manchester Hello Sunny Skipton! 
I officially got here last Sunday and I am really enjoying it! But I have had a lot of cleaning, tidying and sorting to do so it's been quite tiring really! But I am finally starting to properly settled in and I have been able to start working on my arty bits again! 
So anyways! 
I saw the new 'Ikea' advert this morning, I really liked it! I have seen criticism saying that the dolls are scary and its not appropriate, I think it is really cute and really works for the campaign 
'Make small spaces big'
- making even the smallest of spaces feel big.  
A little girl sits and plays with the dolls in a dolls house bringing the family to life.  
Even though the dolls house is huge the filming is shown in a small 'apartment type' area and really shows the best use of the furniture that the mother and son share! 
It is so cute! 
It reminds me of Polly Pocket! I use to love them!
I hope more people appreciate this sweet advert!
Hopefully I will get some inspiration for all my craft stuff soon! I could def do with some more storage he he!
Have a good sunny day
Love Tania xXx