Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Check him out!

I can't believe the time! 
I guess I am getting my artiness back!
Today I had the thought of a 
shop window being basically an 
advert for the shop!
Its got to be 
funvibrant, exciting, EyE CAtcHinG!
Its got to draw people in!
Why should we shop in that shop?!
What have you got to offer?!!
Anyways I will carry on with these thoughts tomorrow!
Good night


Friday, 23 March 2012

Good morning World its a brand new day...

It is hard work being a girl in the mornings!
I have this same problem everyday!

This would make a great shop window! 
With shoes all over the floor, handbags hanging up too!

Right I best get out of my pjs and find something to wear

He he 
Have a fun day
Lots of love 

p.s check out pinterest.com its great for inspiration!

A little bit of British naughtiness!

So yes it is late but 
I just had to watch my favorite programme

'Mary's bottom line!'
I love Mary Portas!

Her Kinky Knickers range 
is blooming amazing!! 
He he!

So so beautiful and loving that Mary has kept everything so British!! 

The advertising is so beautiful!!
Very 1940s! 
My favorite theme!! 
Just love it!
 I love the cheeky lady!
Loving the Vintage feel!
Make do and mend!
I love it!
Lets all get excited about knickers he he!!
Wow the box gives it that special, personal touch!!!!
Sooooo beautiful!!! 
Love it!
Every last detail is perfect!!
I want loads!!
I just want the box he he!!
So typical of me hey mum ha!
Mary Portas - Mary Portas: Kinky Knickers - Launch And Personal Appearance
And lookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
this is the shop window at Liberty!! for the launch!
So clever!!
That would make anyone stop and stare!! 
Yay so excited!!!
I am so gutted I didn't get to see it!!
Just incredible!

Right, now, after all that excitement 
I am now going to try and get some sleep!
Night night everyone! 
Sweet dreams 

From theatre to wardrobe....

What a lovely sunny day we had to...yesterday 
(wow where does the time go!) 
March 22nd and me and my lovely friend sat in Piccadilly Gardens taking in the rays! 
Totes relaxing! 

I did manage to take a chance to take some photos of shop windows and had some more thinks about the project...

Enjoy reading


Sunday, 18 March 2012



I have had quite a lazy Sunday but I have been getting excited about my little project that I have set myself! 
I really want to get into it and get my creative juices flowing again! 

My random ponderings 

When first thinking about a window display 
I guess the first question you have to ask is, 
What is the feeling/theme of the window?

For example :-
Cool summers day?
A winter wonderland?

If the window is trying to give a certain feeling, it needs to show that the outfits are perfect for that occasion! 
and it needs to show the best potential of the garment.

If, for instance, the theme is a summers day picnic, 
you need to set the scene...
Big picnic bags! Rug! Sandals! Sunglasses!
Beach or Park?
On a beach, girls tend to carry their shoes in their hands instead of wearing them! 

The scenes should show realistic settings 
with a sense of sparkle and dreamyness!
Right I best tidy up and get into bed ready for the day job tomorrow morn...yawn

Happy Mothers Day Mum!


Theatre set....

Sketch book time...

Gota start with the spidergram!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project - Stop and stare

* How do you get people to 
stop and stare 
shop window displays?!? *

I am so fascinated by shop windows! 
I have been for years without really knowing! 
(But I guess the funny looks from my friends 
as I sometimes linger and look at windows 
is properly a given!) 
So I have decided to use my creativeness 
and give myself a project -
I want to explore shop windows and create ideas for displays!
Maybe one day I could be designing my own!

I feel determined and I feel creative!

Friday, 16 March 2012

* Artzy Friday *

Me and my camera!

Hello (again)
I've had fun with my camaera today!
But I must go to work again now :-(

The last view from my own little place

So I have finally got all my belongings back after about 2 months of it being kept in storage! 
I have been living out of a suitcase for about 2 months now! 
It was interesting to say the least! 
And by the end of those 2 months,
(due to my love for clothes) 
the suitcase certainly did not close!
 In amongst my stuff was my camera!!
*Excited face*
Look what I found on it!
It turns out, those 
7am starts at work weren't all bad!
This was taken on an early, cold January morning.
What a view!
Lots of Love 
Tania xXx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sprung into Spring!!!

Its most definitely Spring!!! 
The birds have been singing, 
the sun was shining!! 
Smiley face all day! He he!
Love it!! 
It was actually warm today!
(and when I'm warm, you know its warm!)
I sooooo wanted an ice cream!! 
Perhaps this weekend I will get treated to a huge whippy with a flake and sprinkles..... he he!

Well after a hectic start to the year, 
things are starting to pick up!
Thanks to my best buds Lou and Andy for putting me up! 
Totes Amaze guys, totes amaze!
Funny snow days!
Giggly game nights!
Soda stream fun!
And lots of chocolate cake!
We were living life to the full ha ha!! 
I finally feel settled and ready to start everyday with a 
Good night xxx