Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sausage Dog World!

So on Friday I popped down to the 'Craft and Design Centre' in Manchester with a friend and came across the 'Sausage Dog' studio! Amongst all the sausageness we found the creator, Harriet, and managed to ask her a few questions about how she started out. Harriet was so lovely and answered all our questions! She really inspired me and told us that if we are really passionate about our crafts then we should just go for it.! If you know me, you know that art is 'My World' I live it everyday (cliche hey) but its true, I have stayed up til 12 tonight making a card and brooch, I can't stop creating! My room looks like 'Hobbycraft' has exploded over it tonight he he! Papers, ribbons and diamontes everywhere! I thank Harriet for helping me to look at myself and realising that actually it is possible to reach for your dreams! Positive thinking all the way! These last couple of days I have been working hard to get an order of cards made and I have another order to complete so things are stepping forward! I do just have to work hard! After all, if it were easy would I be doing it...I love making cards and I think people can see how much love I put into each card that I make! So, I urge you to go visit Harriet and her sausages! So fun and quirky!
Goodnight to you all
Tania xXx

Monday, 22 April 2013

My treasures are worthless in his hands

I had a weird week last week. Monday started off so well with lots of lovely sunshine but at the end of the day it felt like I was thundered on. I had my purse and phone stolen at work. I was at the front of the unit cleaning when a nasty guy walked in and picked them up from the work tops. I luckily did not hear or see him which I am so glad about! I think that would have shaken me up a lot more. Stupidly we never locked the back door, but the very next day I made sure I got the lock sorted. It was a horrible experience and it made work feel so uncomfortable! The fact that someone had two really personal things of mine just felt horrible! Little pressed pennies I had collected on my days out and a little meaningful card from my mum are two things I can remember. In his hands these are worthless but to me they were my little treasures. And of course my phone had text messages and notes that meant so much to me, again he would just not care about these.
Anyway, after the inconvenience of stopping all my cards and having to buy a new phone and a little bit a lot of comfort eating! I have come to terms that they were just objects at the end of the day and I was not hurt. I am not going to let him bring me down anymore! I've had my little mope he he. 
So heres to a new week! To lots of crafting, lots of smiling and to feeling good again.
Lots of love Tania

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A bit more creativeness

Wow its been a while since I last posted! 
Time goes so quickly! 
Lately its been hard as I have not really had internet for a week or so, its so tough without internet! 
I felt so cut off from the World! But I tried to stay positive and spent last week making cards after work! 
I made such a mess but I loved it! 
My housemate was away for the week so I could leave the mess and come back at night, find my little bum space and start on the cards again he he.  
Here are 2 that I sent of to my friend Kat.  
They are with the postman as we speak!
I love it when I feel all arty! 
Hope you have a good day! 
Its a bit chilly again today 
Lots of love Tania