Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Swinging on the moon

Heres another custom made card! 
I had fun popping the stars in the little window box! 
Night night
Tania xXx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

From me to muma and dada


I had a lovely weekend full of smiles for my mum for her birthday and for my dad for Fathers Day!
So naturally more cards had to be made he he!
Night night 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Girl muma

I have just got back from a very nice, but quick visit 
darrrrrn south! 
He he!
Mum's birthday was Saturday, so I decided to pop down for the weekend for a cheeky surprise!! 
We walked our doggy and my aunts little doggy in the morning for what seemed like the longest walk ever!! 
Then watched the film 
"The artist" 
which put us all in the mood 
for shopping for 
flapper dresses and hats! 
Then in the evening I had arranged 
a surprise girly meal 
for mum which was lovely!!
Soooo lovely to see all the girls!! 
Everyone looked beautiful!! 
Including my pretty best friend Kat he he!! 
With love to my mum and aunty Wendy there with me in the piccy!
Oh and big thanks to my aunty Clare who organised the meal too!!
And my other aunty Wendy who made a wonderful and delicious cake!! 
Finally home now after a very long 8 hour coach journey!!
Time for sleeps now!
Night night

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Decoupage - Ooooo good word hey!

I've been busy with work lately, but somehow I've managed to find the time to make a couple of Fathers day cards and a few birthday cards! 
Bedroom is a mess though he he!!
Is it weird that I dream about 
3D embellishments and double sided celetape 
he he
Nahhhhhh normal I'd say hey!

Decoupage is so cute!! So much fun! 
Anyways goodness look at the time!!
Time to grab my teddy and rest my head

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday night brain frazzle!


So its Saturday night and I am indoors tidying and sorting out my little bedroom! 
How I wish I had a craft room with drawers and cupboards and little boxes and paper racks.............
One day....
(daydreaming about colour coded boxes ha ha!)
So what happened to me this morning, 
well my whole box of threads fell upside down off the cupboard and all over the floor!! I walked away this morning as I had to get to the post office but in that time I reckon little gremlins came in and decided to tie them and knot them all up! 
How does that even happen! 
So I have just sat there for 30 minutes unraveling threads and placing them back in the box! But whilst doing it I did notice how many lovely colours I own!! I need to make some summery bits!! Another project to add to my on going list he he!
Well I am going to get some well deserved tea and then a nice relaxing bath!
Thats more like a nice Saturday night in! 
Wine anyone!
Ta ta for now.

Friday, 8 June 2012

From A to B

Good evening! Its a very rainy evening (lol I wonder how many times I blog about the rain!)
I am all on my own in the flat (sad face lol)
I should try and have an early night really....
Yeah not gonna happen is it! lol
This is my latest card that I've made for my lovely boyfriend to give to his dad! 
I hope they like it! 
Fingers crossed! 
It seemed to take me ages to make! 
I love making cards though! 
I just need some more space to be able to make them! and more time! Once I get into it though I get lost and could just sit there for hours sticking and gluing!
I loved making this one though! I found my old map paper that I made in my foundation year at college by taking acetate with map images into the dark room and producing photographs with it!
I need to find a darkroom again! I had sooooo much fun with acetates and objects!! Its so exciting seeing the image suddenly appear in the chemicals! Love it!!
He he well on that happy thought...
Night Night 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Queen of hearts

So much for an early night! 
This is one of my last makes! 
A set of heart coasters for a little wedding pressi!
Very 'Alice in Wonderland' actually hey! 
I've only just realised that tonight 
hmmmmmmmmm ideas are rolling now!
No........I must sleep!!!
Night night World.
I am a little bit sad face as I do not have 
anyone holding me in bed tonight.
Love is the best hug.