Thursday, 21 February 2013


Look at this lovely painting I came across from the lovely Etsy shop ucuspucus

Snowdrops are my absolute favourite, the little fairies swinging on them is soooo enchanting!

Sweet dreams everyone 

Ooddles of doodles

I willlllll get up and be productive today he he! 
I think I need to go and get some fresh air and pop to the shops to cook Dave and I a nice big tea for tonight! 
Shepherds Pie I think tonight! 
But just before I get up I thought I would share another Etsy shop with you! 
Quite a local shop to me here infact! 


In this shop you get to be part of 'Vickys' creative little World which is full of handmade cards, textiles and illustrations! 

These cards have to be my favourite! They have a lovely story about how they started life as images in a sketchbook, which has now gone Worldwide on a tour!
Go and check out this lovely quirky shop!
Tania xXx

Rocket card!

Oh by the way 
this was the Valentine's card I made for Dave!  
It was an idea I had whilst lying in bed, lying in the dark! 
I love ideas that come from my 
Thought it was cute being able to move the rocket he he 
a little bit of sillyness! 
That's what Valentine's is all about though hey! 
Fun and giggles!
Hope you like!
Love Tania xXx

Handmade goodies!


Check out this quirky Etsy shop sugarcookie
I couldn't choose one favourite item! 
You all know I love writing letters and notes and these retro notepads are just brilliant! 
The little flossy's are such a good idea too! So cute! 
My thread is always getting knotted up! 
The wooden necklace is lovely! With the little tea bag hanging out its adorable! 
Have a good afternoon
Love Tania xXx

Cushion me!

Awwww look what I came across! 
I LOVE cushions! 
And this one is exceptionally gorgeous! 
So quirky and sweet and very girly! 
and completely handmade from the lovely Etsy shop 


Here you will find lovely unique, handmade home accessories and gifts.  

Lots of lovely pieces to feast your eyes on!

Love Tania 

Lazy dayssssssss

He he he he so I am still in bed! 
Well deserved lazyness though! 
Been a busy month with work! 
But this is giving me the chance to catch up on my Etsy shop too.  Sadly having full time work means that I can't spend as much time as I'd like on Etsy or making my crafts, but whenever possible I do squeeze it in! 
The picture above shows new brooches that were only half done until last week!  
If you ask any artist, they will tell you that they all have something, be it a painting, a pot or a dress that they have starting making and never got round to finishing! Well I have a whole suitcase full of bits and the other day I decided that I needed to start finishing them! 
So heres a selection of finished pieces!
Hope you like them!
They will all be going onto Etsy soon!
Love Tania xXx

Monday, 18 February 2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Personal guitar wall hanging

Hope you are having a good weekend! 
I have been out enjoying the sun today!  
A good walk does the world of good!  
Skipton is full of hills though, I think I may need to buy some walking boots....ha ha ha ha 
you can take the girl out of the City but you can't take the City out of the girl he he!

Heres the pressi that I made for Dave for Valentine's day!  
I've had the idea for ages!  
It worked out perfectly with Dave buying a new guitar on Monday!  
I wanted to make something personal so I collaged the wood with all bands and things that Dave loves!  
He loved it! 
I was surprised whilst searching for unusual wall hangings that there  weren't many on the market!  
One other idea I had was to make the wood into a shape like a retro pac-man etc! 
Maybe I should have a go at making some and adding them to my shop!  Another project idea of mine lol.  
I'm sure I make new projects for myself everyday he he.
I guess thats what you get for being crafty hey!
Love Tania xXx

Monday, 11 February 2013

One year on!

A year ago today me and my lovely boyfriend went on our first date! He he.  One year on and I am the happiest girl in the world! Love you lots baby! Happy one year anniversary!
Lots of love Tania xXx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mums the word

Finally I had the chance to sit down and make this lovely card for my lovely boyfriend's mum! 
I hope she likes it, its very spring like!
I do love making cards! 
Hopefully I will get time to do some today! 
I have a special card for a certain someone special to make too :-) so I will def have to find time to make that he he! 
Why does time go so quick on your day off!
I am going to go and try and be arty 
oh and get out of my pjs before it hits midday he he 

Tea for two!

Good morning! Wow!!!!! I somehow just managed to come across this Etsy shop TheTwentyFingers and I literally want everything!!  This bracelet in particular is lovely! I know a friend who would love this too he he. I love the simplicity of the wood!  Go check out this lovely site for lots more lovely wooden accessories and home decor that are clearly made with lots of love from a lovely couple!

I hope you have a good morning!

Love Tania xXx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Foxes are all the season! 
This little one is too cute for words with its lovely green bow and sweet little nose.
This is just one of many cute, cute makes!
Please go check out the Etsy shop


Good night, sweet dreams

Love Tania xXx 

A horders paradise!

Aww so cute!! Sarah Dodd from lotusblossomcards makes these gorgeous brooches from fabrics 
that are found all over the place.  
In her words Sarah talks of her room at home as a 
"horders paradise",
what a splendid thought for
crafter like me!
Enjoy her Etsy shop where you will find more lovely brooches!
Lots of love
Tania xXx

Friday, 1 February 2013


well after a lovely evening of lovely chinese food with a lovely lady! I am finally in bed and I think I am finally warming up!
It's sooooo cold outside! I could do with some cuddles tonight! 
Here's a late little find from Etsy!
Take a look at the ornate pieces that are all handmade showing lots of care and attention. 
This particular piece caught my eye 
but there are lots of lovely pieces including art which is made from paper and fabric layers which uses individually hand cut up-cycled words taken from books!  This is a technique I am very familiar with and love to do myself!

Goodnight sleep tight