Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hats off!

Good evening, just about! Tonight I am on hats! Bowler hats in particular! I have wanted one of these for soooooooo long!! In fact last birthday (November) I remember being silly with my lovely aunty Wendy wandering around the shops looking for a good bowler hat and never found one that I really liked! I loveeeeee the colour of this one!! 
This colour is sooooo in right now! I am loving green this autumn too! Mmmmmmmmmmmm j'aime champeaux!!!
Anyways my eyes are very sleepy now
Sweet dreams
Night night

Autumn Knits

I quickly had to post about H! by Henry Holland!
My favourite designer in Debenhams!
The section always begins with a great stand showing off great outfits from head to toe!
I just want it all!
The style is vintage and savvy in a modern way!
With lots of shine from his new range of amazing patent bags
which compliment the fab mock suede and patent block heeded shoes!
To top off the autumny style,
there is a gorgeous grey tweed biker jacket!
I love penguins and I love wooly winter jumpers!
I love it when the shops start to fill with lovely warm knits!
I can't help walking past the rails feeling all the lovely materials!
I wish I could have a day in today watching films in a big penguin jumper!
Heres the first amazing penguin jumper I have found this year!

Go get yours now!
I know I need one in my life he he!
The little penguins are even skiing!
So sweet he he!

Tania Nicole Ashby - Its got my name on it!

Nicole's Through the Eras Dress

So I had a lovely day shopping with my 
lovely friend Louise yesterday! 
We were looking for smart work wear for her 
new job which she starts today!! 
He he I am so pleased for her! and she is going to look so amazing in her new dresses and outfits he he! 
I had an email last night from one of 
my favourite websites 
Big sale!!
Amongst all their lovely items I found this dress! 
I think it stood out as its named like my middle name he he! 
I love the vintage 40s theme!
Soooo cute!
Check out the website! The items are so vintagey and lovely!
Have a good day!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dotty about the bag

Good evening. 
Whilst eating my tea tonight I happened to come across Beauty and the Beast on the tele! He he! One of my fave films!! 
Following the 'Disney feel' I came across this scrummy bag from H&M in Glamour magazine! Its adorable!! I am loving satchels! 
Whilst lusting over this I could not get the tune out of my head... Cruella De Vil Cruella De Vil...
He he its definately bringing me into the winter feeling! 
Mmmmmm bring on hot chocolates and wintery nights in, under the duvet on the sofa! 
Good night all

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Check you out!

This is the birthday card I made my dad for his birthday at beginning of August.  He is always saying how there are only ever checked shirts in the shops, so I thought I would make his card into a checked shirt ha ha!

I get the keys to my new apartment today! 
4th apartment in 2 years! Crazy!
Really looking forward to living with my cousin Matt!
Bring on good times he he 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Creative mail

Good morning! 
I wanted to share another creative CV idea with you! 
I applied for a Junior Visual Merchandiser job for 
"Mamas and Papas". 
I wanted my CV to stand out so I came up with the idea 
"Message in a baby bottle" 
He he!
Hope you have a good day 

Monday, 13 August 2012

"What I really, really want"

I was so excited to make my tea tonight! 
I had a vegetable rush! 
Butternut squash and sweet potato mash with chicken, red onion, mushrooms, peppers and leeks in a tomato sauce! 
After an hour of careful cooking it was a darn tasty tea!! 
It was fun to cook again! 
And my tray is quite apt following the 'top show' performed last night! 
How proud I am to be British after the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night! Including Elbow, Spice Girls and Take That to finish!! Is was so much fun!
Anyways night night

Love Tania xXx


I had a lot to smile about this weekend!
There were lots of penguins, giraffes and flowers!
He he!
Saturday saw a trip to Chester Zoo with my wonderful boyfriend! Followed by a lovely meal, followed by a shopping trip on Sunday!
He he!
Happy 6 months Dave! 
Thank you for my lovely flowers! 
They're amazing!! 
Lots of love
Tania xXx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Chocolate Pac!

So my boyfriends birthday was July 22nd!  
As he's a big Pac-man fan I decided to make these cute 
Pac-man chocies! 

1Pac-man ice cube tray 
a lot of Cadburys chocolate buttons 
Pac-man chocies he he!  

Happy 26 Dave he he!
Lots and lots of love 

'That's the way the cookie crumbles'

It's been a while since I last wrote on here again!
I have had some time off work to sort my head out and tomorrow I return to work 
)-: (Sad face!) :-( 
I have a sickening feeling in my belly 
(you know the one you use to get after the school holidays when you would have to go back to school!) 
I applied for a job a few weeks ago!  
A Supervisor position for 'Millies Cookies'.  
You had to take the CV in and hand it to the manager personally which got my creative juices flowing!  
I came up with this Milk carton shaped CV which was loved by the staff there he he and got me an interview!!  
Fingers crossed that I get the job it would be a fantastic opportunity and cookies has to be one of my favourite things he he! 
A match made in heaven!