Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Its nearing the end of November,
My birthday month is coming to an end! :-(
Best birthday date ever! 
I Won't ever forget that! 
Its mad to think I'm 25!
I got my first 
'classic, black stilettos' for my birthday, 
which led my aunt/sister to star at me and say 
"aww our baby's all grown up!" 
He he! 
I just wish I had remembered to buy a lottery ticket! 
I was just too busy shopping!!

I'm looking forward to December and all the fun and madness it will bring! 
Especially the guilt free chocolate 
that we get to open every morning! 
He he!
I really enjoyed the Christmas markets today! 
Apart from the freezing weather!!
I don't think I will ever get use to the cold!
Well good evening to you all

Love Tania xXx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sunday feeling....

'When she was just a girl 
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach so
She ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of Paradise
Every time she closed her eyes'

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Simple yet Effective

Happy birthday to all the birthday people this week! 

One card that I thought worked quite well...

Oh its cold outside!! 
Christmas is coming!!

Have a good day!

Love Tania xXx
(2 days to go he he!!)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

winter wonderings

1 Grey sky
lots of raindrops 
1 large bag of maltesers
lots of rom coms
1 blanket
lots of cushions
1 heater on
lots of layers
and one little tear at the end of the movie

Nothing like a cozy winters afternoon 
in front of the tele after a hard day at work! 

Good evening to you

Love Tania xXx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November giveaway!

My first ever give away! 
I love November because 
its my birthday month and 
because to me it feels like 
christmas is just beginning..............

To win this little 'Santa Baby' felt tag, 
tell me when you start to get that christmasy feeling!

I will then choose the one that sticks out the most! He He!
The winner will be announced on 5th November! 

This tag has a pocket on the back ready for your loving message to be placed!

Good Luck!

Love Tania xXx
(Oh and yes I have now punched a hole in the end and poked a ribbon through so it can be attached to a present!Sorry lol)

RagGy DoLL

After a lovely and well deserved lay-in this morning 
after lots and lots of days of work! 
I decided to go back to the good old days 
and curl my hair in the old fashioned rag doll way!! 
Fingers crossed it has worked! 
It's November 1st!! 
Yay 10 days to go until my 25th birthday! 
No I am not going to dwell on it! 
Anyone who knows me,
knows that I get excited about my birthday! 
No matter what age I be! 
he he!
To celebrate this magical month 
I will be posting my first ever give away this evening!! 
Happy chilly day to you all!
Love Tania xXx