Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I have been having fun with hoops!  
Embroidery hoops that is! 
My very lovely friend is soon going to receive these little pressi's for her birthday! 
Happy belated birthday Kat!  
I love how the little camera turned out! 
Its so simple but looks so lovely!
And if you have checked out my 
lately, you will see that my items are 
photographed within a hoop 
which I think frames them 
really nicely!

Hopefully you can tell that this is a robot! 
Its my first attempt!  
Was really hard as I wanted her to look cute he he.
Hope Kat likes her!
I am not feeling very well today :-(
Good excuse to wear my big penguin jumper 
and get stuck into making christmas cards!
33 Days till christmas! 
Totes excite he he!

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