Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas post

Good afternoon
I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas as much as I did 
(despite being a little poorly!) 
Was a lovely time spent with family and friends though 
and of course I got spoilt rotten!!!  

I was quite disappointed with my card making this Christmas! Although I actually ended up making quite a few cards, I did not manage to get any photos of a lot of them sadly! 
Time just ran out!! 
Maybe I should start now ready for Christmas next year he he!

Here is a small selection of cards I made.  
I am sad that I didn't take photos of all of them as I did have fun making them! - As usual!

I have so much glitter in my carpet now lol, I am sure I will still be getting glitter stuck to my toes till Easter ha ha 
Here's to lots of card-making in 2013!

Enjoy the afternoon

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