Saturday, 16 February 2013

Personal guitar wall hanging

Hope you are having a good weekend! 
I have been out enjoying the sun today!  
A good walk does the world of good!  
Skipton is full of hills though, I think I may need to buy some walking boots....ha ha ha ha 
you can take the girl out of the City but you can't take the City out of the girl he he!

Heres the pressi that I made for Dave for Valentine's day!  
I've had the idea for ages!  
It worked out perfectly with Dave buying a new guitar on Monday!  
I wanted to make something personal so I collaged the wood with all bands and things that Dave loves!  
He loved it! 
I was surprised whilst searching for unusual wall hangings that there  weren't many on the market!  
One other idea I had was to make the wood into a shape like a retro pac-man etc! 
Maybe I should have a go at making some and adding them to my shop!  Another project idea of mine lol.  
I'm sure I make new projects for myself everyday he he.
I guess thats what you get for being crafty hey!
Love Tania xXx

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