Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Card making maker!

I haven't written on my blog for a while now! I literally have had no time at the minute! It has been mental! But good mental he he! I have been a card making maker at the min he he! 
As I have not had a chance to load all my cards on here I thought I would just list them for you all to see! I have to get ready for the day job again soon :-( boohoo I hope it doesn't rain today! Come on sunshine! Come visit us again soon!
Lots of Love Tania xXx

 "Special daughter" order
 "Little brother's sister" order
 This card was altered to say "Good Luck Jess" 
 Happy Birthday card for a friend
 "Special 1st Birthday" card order
 'New home" card order
 "Mum's 70th Birthday" card order
 "New home" card order
 "Special 30th" card order
 Special Birthday card for Dave's sister
 "Happy Birthday" card order
 "Best friend" card order
 "Happy Birthday" card order
 Birthday card for my little cousin
 "New born, baby boy" card order
"New born, baby girl" card order

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