Friday, 23 March 2012

A little bit of British naughtiness!

So yes it is late but 
I just had to watch my favorite programme

'Mary's bottom line!'
I love Mary Portas!

Her Kinky Knickers range 
is blooming amazing!! 
He he!

So so beautiful and loving that Mary has kept everything so British!! 

The advertising is so beautiful!!
Very 1940s! 
My favorite theme!! 
Just love it!
 I love the cheeky lady!
Loving the Vintage feel!
Make do and mend!
I love it!
Lets all get excited about knickers he he!!
Wow the box gives it that special, personal touch!!!!
Sooooo beautiful!!! 
Love it!
Every last detail is perfect!!
I want loads!!
I just want the box he he!!
So typical of me hey mum ha!
Mary Portas - Mary Portas: Kinky Knickers - Launch And Personal Appearance
And lookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 
this is the shop window at Liberty!! for the launch!
So clever!!
That would make anyone stop and stare!! 
Yay so excited!!!
I am so gutted I didn't get to see it!!
Just incredible!

Right, now, after all that excitement 
I am now going to try and get some sleep!
Night night everyone! 
Sweet dreams 

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