Sunday, 18 March 2012



I have had quite a lazy Sunday but I have been getting excited about my little project that I have set myself! 
I really want to get into it and get my creative juices flowing again! 

My random ponderings 

When first thinking about a window display 
I guess the first question you have to ask is, 
What is the feeling/theme of the window?

For example :-
Cool summers day?
A winter wonderland?

If the window is trying to give a certain feeling, it needs to show that the outfits are perfect for that occasion! 
and it needs to show the best potential of the garment.

If, for instance, the theme is a summers day picnic, 
you need to set the scene...
Big picnic bags! Rug! Sandals! Sunglasses!
Beach or Park?
On a beach, girls tend to carry their shoes in their hands instead of wearing them! 

The scenes should show realistic settings 
with a sense of sparkle and dreamyness!
Right I best tidy up and get into bed ready for the day job tomorrow morn...yawn

Happy Mothers Day Mum!


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