Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sprung into Spring!!!

Its most definitely Spring!!! 
The birds have been singing, 
the sun was shining!! 
Smiley face all day! He he!
Love it!! 
It was actually warm today!
(and when I'm warm, you know its warm!)
I sooooo wanted an ice cream!! 
Perhaps this weekend I will get treated to a huge whippy with a flake and sprinkles..... he he!

Well after a hectic start to the year, 
things are starting to pick up!
Thanks to my best buds Lou and Andy for putting me up! 
Totes Amaze guys, totes amaze!
Funny snow days!
Giggly game nights!
Soda stream fun!
And lots of chocolate cake!
We were living life to the full ha ha!! 
I finally feel settled and ready to start everyday with a 
Good night xxx

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