Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Girl muma

I have just got back from a very nice, but quick visit 
darrrrrn south! 
He he!
Mum's birthday was Saturday, so I decided to pop down for the weekend for a cheeky surprise!! 
We walked our doggy and my aunts little doggy in the morning for what seemed like the longest walk ever!! 
Then watched the film 
"The artist" 
which put us all in the mood 
for shopping for 
flapper dresses and hats! 
Then in the evening I had arranged 
a surprise girly meal 
for mum which was lovely!!
Soooo lovely to see all the girls!! 
Everyone looked beautiful!! 
Including my pretty best friend Kat he he!! 
With love to my mum and aunty Wendy there with me in the piccy!
Oh and big thanks to my aunty Clare who organised the meal too!!
And my other aunty Wendy who made a wonderful and delicious cake!! 
Finally home now after a very long 8 hour coach journey!!
Time for sleeps now!
Night night

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