Friday, 8 June 2012

From A to B

Good evening! Its a very rainy evening (lol I wonder how many times I blog about the rain!)
I am all on my own in the flat (sad face lol)
I should try and have an early night really....
Yeah not gonna happen is it! lol
This is my latest card that I've made for my lovely boyfriend to give to his dad! 
I hope they like it! 
Fingers crossed! 
It seemed to take me ages to make! 
I love making cards though! 
I just need some more space to be able to make them! and more time! Once I get into it though I get lost and could just sit there for hours sticking and gluing!
I loved making this one though! I found my old map paper that I made in my foundation year at college by taking acetate with map images into the dark room and producing photographs with it!
I need to find a darkroom again! I had sooooo much fun with acetates and objects!! Its so exciting seeing the image suddenly appear in the chemicals! Love it!!
He he well on that happy thought...
Night Night 

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