Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday night brain frazzle!


So its Saturday night and I am indoors tidying and sorting out my little bedroom! 
How I wish I had a craft room with drawers and cupboards and little boxes and paper racks.............
One day....
(daydreaming about colour coded boxes ha ha!)
So what happened to me this morning, 
well my whole box of threads fell upside down off the cupboard and all over the floor!! I walked away this morning as I had to get to the post office but in that time I reckon little gremlins came in and decided to tie them and knot them all up! 
How does that even happen! 
So I have just sat there for 30 minutes unraveling threads and placing them back in the box! But whilst doing it I did notice how many lovely colours I own!! I need to make some summery bits!! Another project to add to my on going list he he!
Well I am going to get some well deserved tea and then a nice relaxing bath!
Thats more like a nice Saturday night in! 
Wine anyone!
Ta ta for now.

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