Thursday, 24 January 2013

Coffee cup full of joy!


Whimsical Wishes

Once again where has the week gone! The days seem to disappear! But I have decided to try and take it easy this week.  Having a full time job, then trying to do art when I come home makes life a little full! A bit like this coffee cup really.  I never seem to find time for myself.  So this week I decided to take a bit of time out and concentrate on me! So after work I met with friends, had some good food, got a lovely long nights sleep and now I think I will go and laze in a lovely big bubble bath!  But me being me I couldn't resist a quick nosey on Etsy and look at the beautiful shop I found!  Specialising in wedding decorations and bouquets, this shop is exactly what it says on the tin! Full of whimsical wishes! and it couldn't be full of more beautiful things!
Love Tania

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